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“Gateway of Grace” Ministers to Refugees

The Episcopal Diocese of Dallas, TX is making a difference in lives of refugees and has created a working model for ministry to refugees across the nation.

The ministry, called Gateway of Grace, was founded by Rev. Dr. Samira Izadi Page.  Page was once a refugee herself – she and her family fled from Iran and were granted political asylum in the U.S.  Once in the States she became a Christian, and went on to earn Continue reading ““Gateway of Grace” Ministers to Refugees”


New Hire at Penn State Hershey Medical Center

Penn State Hershey Medical Center’s newest employee has four legs rather than the customary two: her name is Kaia, and she’s a golden retriever.  Kaia’s job is patient care mostly in the pediatric radiation and radiation oncology units. She helps kids relax during their treatments… and she cheers up her co-workers as well.  More on the story can be found here.

Iraqi Christians Allowed to Return to Churches

via the Independent, UK: A few weeks ago Iraqi Christians were able to return to church for the first time in two years. Christians near Mosul, now liberated from Isis, celebrated Mass there as church bells rang out. Read more here.

Domestic Violence Shelters Being Retrofitted to Accept Pets

One of the sad facts of domestic violence is that the vast majority of abused partners (estimates run 70-85%) report their abusers have also threatened, abused, or killed a family pet. Fear for the safety of beloved animals often cause the abused to remain in dangerous situations longer than they otherwise would.

Now a partnership between Rescue Rebuild – a nationwide network of volunteers who renovate animal shelters – and SAF-T (Sheltering Animals and FamiliesTogether), with funding from Red Rover, are retrofitting domestic violence shelters to provide on-site housing for family pets.  Continue reading “Domestic Violence Shelters Being Retrofitted to Accept Pets”

Duquesne University Language Students Use Drama To Reach Local Immigrants

Pittsburgh, PA – Working with children whose first language is Spanish, Duquesne University language students and professors are communicating English and life skills to local Spanish-speaking children using drama.

The program is called Reading to Play, Playing to Read (RPPR) and is designed to be “a collaboration between Duquesne and the community, as partners that benefit equally from the relationship,” says Assistant Professor Vanessa Fernandez in the latest issue of Duquesne University Magazine.

DU has come together with Casa San José, a nonprofit serving 5-8 year old children of recent immigrants Continue reading “Duquesne University Language Students Use Drama To Reach Local Immigrants”

Police in India Bust IRS Scam Center

India – The Wall Street Journal reported last week that a major IRS phone scamming center in India was raided, resulting in 70 arrests and disruption of operations.

In the past few years, residents in the US have been the targets of millions of phone calls claiming to be from the IRS and saying they must send money immediately or risk jail time. According to the WSJ these scams have scammed American taxpayers out of more than $47 million.

Read more about the raid and subsequent arrests in the Wall Street Journal here.

Pennsylvania Women Work Helps Put Women (and Men) Back to Work

Pennsylvania – A statewide effort to put displaced workers back to work continues to grow across the state. Latest figures show Pennsylvania Women Work (PAWW) has recently crossed the landmark number of helping over 50,000 people to find jobs that “pay a family-sustaining wage”.

PAWW has its roots in the “Displaced Homemakers Network” movement of the 1970s, when divorced and widowed women of working age found themselves in economic crisis – single, with children, and with marketable skills a decade or more out of date.

PAWW itself was founded in 1993 and is is a statewide nonprofit organization offering services at 12 locations statewide, free of charge, to Continue reading “Pennsylvania Women Work Helps Put Women (and Men) Back to Work”

Inner-City Ministry is Given a New Home

Troy NY – Oaks of Righteousness, a ministry to urban youth and families in the heart of Troy NY, was founded in 2012 by two Episcopal priests.  The ministry has met in a defunct diner since its founding, and the building was no longer able to hold the number of children and parents attending.

Mother Christina Hunter tells the story: “Beginning as far back as 2013, Mother Hannah Mudge and I began asking God for a bigger building — we were often crammed with wall-to-wall kids (making it hard to play, serve food, and simultaneously teach Bible classes), and it proved to be tough to convince adults to worship God in an old diner. In June 2014, God answered our prayer Continue reading “Inner-City Ministry is Given a New Home”

Urban Gardens Meet Public Transportation

London, UK – Flowers, greenery, and even fruits and vegetables can now be found growing in and around public transportation hubs in London.

A unique collaboration between Groundwork (a community-based charity dedicated to improving urban green spaces), solar power organization Repowering London, and London Overground Rail, has resulted in “Energy Gardens” – community-supported and maintained gardens located on London Rail properties. Continue reading “Urban Gardens Meet Public Transportation”

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