Many of our authors here at GoodNewsForAChange are involved in ministry in some way. All of us are people of faith.

Most of us are introverts in ‘real life’, but we’re not too shy to talk about our love for Jesus.  When we step outside the walls of organized religion and get to know who Jesus was (and is) we find an individual unique in history — someone who heals, who confronts the powers-that-be, and who loves people with his life.

And the core of Jesus’ message is:

“The time is fulfilled, and the Kingdom of God is at hand — repent and believe the good news.” (Mark 1:15)

This is not necessarily an easy message to grasp or receive.

It’s radically different from most of what passes for religion in modern-day America — either the ‘Christian Right’ or the ‘Christian Left’.

Jesus who preaches God’s Kingdom has no need for political power or money. He does not spend his days promoting the military (though he has praise for one particular centurion), or kissing babies (though he says “let the little children come to me”), or supporting the traditional nuclear family (though he visited a few), or putting the spotlight on people who work for justice and peace (though he calls them blessed).

Jesus spends his days proclaiming the coming of a Kingdom — one with a radically different power structure than anything our world has ever imagined. A kingdom in which the pain of our world is matched — and healed — by the pain of the Cross. A kingdom in which sins can be forgiven and lives can be made new. A kingdom in which victory is won, not by might or by power, but by faith in Jesus’ self-sacrificing love.

The good news is this: Jesus, who was subjected to a mockery of a trial and nailed to a cross, is alive. And this world is passing away and “a new heavens and a new earth” are on the way. (Rev. 21:1)  Jesus says “repent” — which means “turn around” or “change direction”. He calls us to follow in his footsteps, follow his example, in life and in death, leaving this dark world behind and heading for the new world of light and life and love.

Those of us who follow Him speak good news as we go.