GoodNewsForAChange was founded by a handful of friends who are blessed to work and worship in places where we come across a lot of good news. Most of us are involved in missions or some other kind of ministry, though not all of us are “professional” clergy. All of us are people who know the true meaning of the word “gospel” is “good news”. And the world needs more good news.

GoodNewsForAChange represents a core team of about a half-dozen regular contributors and a broader team of guest contributors. Guest posts are solely at the invitation of one of the members of the core team.

Wherever possible our news stories are first-hand. We give top priority to international news and second priority to national news, but we also welcome regional and local stories.  The only requirement is that the stories must be newsworthy.  Good news of a personal nature such as birthdays, marriages, anniversaries, births, retirements, graduations, charity fund-raising events, etc — while definitely good news — would be good material for other blogs.