It’s been well known for some time that the former Soviet Union has more than its share of orphanages. Caregivers explain: “while some of these lonely, forgotten, and troubled boys and girls are true orphans, the majority are “social orphans” who have been removed from their homes due to abuse or neglect by alcoholic parents.”

The Slavic Gospel Association has been ministering in these orphanages for many years through its Orphans Reborn program, demonstrating the good news of God’s love to these children, and sharing tokens of love and care. Recently SGA has started providing care in an orphanage for children with developmental difficulties in the Kirov region. They share movies, give gifts, and spend time with the children. They have the opportunity to work with the children in ways that the staff often cannot, and help discover and develop their gifts and talents.

Caregivers enjoy the lessons and activities as much as the children, and often repeat them after the SGA volunteers have gone.  One volunteer recalls: “one day, as a teacher accompanied us to say goodbye, she cried… She told us… these kids have not seen anything good in their lives or family relations. No one would tell them the truth or bring gifts to them like us.”

In the Volgodonsk region, one young man, who became a believer through the Orphans Reborn program has gone on to graduate from university and is now working in one of the orphanages and sharing his faith with the children. His personal dream is to adopt eight orphans and he is already working on the adoption of the first.

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