The Slavic Gospel Association (SGA), founded in Illinois by Russian immigrants in the early 1900s, has been committed to evangelizing the people of the former USSR for nearly a century.  One of their latest efforts is outreach to the people of Far East Russia.  An area of small towns and villages, much of it very poor, just getting there often means crossing Siberia; much of the region therefore is accessible only by small airplane.

To that end SGA has begun an aviation ministry to enable Bible teachers and missionaries to bring the Good News and aid to the people of the Far East.


Many of the people of the Far East region are minority ethnic groups. Cut off from much… of modern society, many still follow superstitious beliefs and shamanism. Pastoral family Avel and Olesya Dolohov, trained in ministry by an SGA Bible institute in Ryazan, were called to serve in this region and have re-established a church there.


Bible training has also begun in this region where the population is widely scattered (some estimates say the average is only about one person per square kilometer).  One SGA staffer writes: “As I write this, I am at a gathering of men who have traveled here from very distant towns, some nearly 900 miles away. The temperature is 45 degrees below zero, and the frozen air has turned to a light fog of ice crystals.” Training sessions are taught in the native languages as pastors and others in ministry make plans to bring the gospel to this largely un-reached region.

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