The Episcopal Diocese of Dallas, TX is making a difference in lives of refugees and has created a working model for ministry to refugees across the nation.

The ministry, called Gateway of Grace, was founded by Rev. Dr. Samira Izadi Page.  Page was once a refugee herself – she and her family fled from Iran and were granted political asylum in the U.S.  Once in the States she became a Christian, and went on to earn her Doctorate from Southern Methodist University. She is ordained in the Episcopal Church and works cross-denominationally with local congregations in the Dallas area to encourage mission and outreach.

Gateway of Grace is deeply rooted in scripture. Its mission is “to educate, equip, and mobilize the Church to bridge socio-cultural gaps between Christians and refugees so that refugees can know the hope of Christ through words and deeds of compassion.”  Local refugees are invited to join in Bible studies and potluck meals.  Gateway of Grace services also include collecting and donating furniture, pocket money, and groceries, and offering job assistance and language lessons.  Gateway also trains volunteers and churches to “adopt” refugee families, where friendships are formed and refugees can learn about American culture.