Carry the Future, a grassroots organization that supplies baby carriers to refugee families passing through Greece, will be celebrating its first birthday on September 15, 2016.

Carry the Future was launched by one California woman who…  reading the story of Alan Kurdi, a child who drowned off the shores of Greece as his family was escaping from Syria, decided she needed to get involved.

“Some quick research revealed that refugees were walking hundreds of miles across Europe, often in bad weather, through dangerous passages, carrying small children in their arms. Being a long-time baby wearer herself, [founder] Cristal [Logothetis] immediately saw the potential impact a baby carrier could have on the lives of refugees,” the Carry the Future website explains.

Within two weeks, Cristal’s Indiegogo campaign made national news, and Carry the Future was born. Using the power of social media, strangers from across the United States and around the globe united in making CTF a reality.

Rather than using expensive and unreliable shipping methods, volunteers for Carry the Future pack donated backpacks as personal luggage and personally carry donated items into Greece. They then meet incoming refugees on the docks and fit them with baby carriers as needed. A team of volunteers living in Greece near refugee receiving locations help coordinate and make CTF aware of any pressing needs.

Because CTF is a network of volunteers united by social media, literally anyone can volunteer to collect backpacks and/or to carry them to Greece.  “Carry the Future is an organization dedicated to providing a way for everyday people to have a direct and meaningful impact on the lives of parents and children in need,” the website explains.

In July 2016 Carry The Future was officially granted 501(c)3 public charity status.

The Huffington Post created this video to demonstrate how Carry the Future benefits refugees: