So said a seminary classmate a few years ago as he shared the photo above.

He had a vision – a calling on his life: to build a school in an impoverished area of northern Kenya. To build a place where children of two faiths – Muslim and Christian – could grow up together in friendship and peace. To build a place where both boys and girls — children of generations of rural herders and farmers — would have previously unimaginable opportunities… and would be assured of at least one full meal every day.

Quoting from the school’s website: “Education is crucial to the development of the country, and although the government would like to build more schools, it lacks the funds necessary to do so. This leaves many Kenyan children without access to a quality education. Northern Kenya is a deeply impoverished region with few jobs, little contact with the wider world, and limited access to basic necessities, including education.”

Today his vision is a reality. Tumaini Academy was built, classroom by classroom, year by year, until this year when the primary school was completed.


Tumaini Academy is now attended by hundreds of children in grades 1 through 8.


“The word Tumaini is Kiswahili for hope, and hope is what Tumaini Academy provides the people of this remote community…” (from the school’s website)


And the classmate? With his vision now a reality, this past summer Qampicha Daniel Wario was elected and installed the first native Kenyan Anglican Bishop of Marsabit, Kenya… where he will continue to champion both the faith and the future of Kenya’s children.